We are utility specialists


RAW Construction, LLC takes great pride in the workmanship and skilled abilities of our welders. We have a great core group in-house welders with great abilities and talent in the field of pipeline welding.

Building Our Team

With knowledge and background as welders, our executive team has spent time under the hood, and knows what to look for in welders. Many of our welders have been trained in-house by working with them individually for months. We stress the need for quality in 100% of the welds we make.

Certifications & Capabilities

Our welders are certified through testing by our customers, and weld per 1104 specifications on most projects. X-ray inspection of welds can be supplied through a third party, or provided by our customer. RAW Construction, LLC can handle any type of project. Pipeline installation, fabrication of meter/regulator settings, tap and stopple operations, directional drill pipe side operations, and repair work.

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