We are utility specialists


RAW Construction, LLC has in-house abilities to install all types and sizes of water projects. We have experienced crews who know how to work with customers and the general public to complete projects efficiently, on time, and without problems. PVC Water main installations for new construction and replacement and relocation projects are the types of projects that we work on a regular basis. We install both the mains and services in all areas. Other service abilities include:

Ductile Iron Main

Ductile iron main installations for open cut, restrained joint for auger bore/casing installations, tie-ins, and fittings in all types of areas.

PE Water Mains

PE Water mains installed via directional bore or open cut. All fusing will be done by trained and qualified fusers with in-house fusion equipment up to 20โ€ Diameter and we utilize rental equipment for pipe installations up to 48โ€ in Diameter. We can install PE bores or entire PE water systems with main and services being PE material up to the meter.


Fabricated tie ins, valve settings, hydrants, and ductile iron fitting installations are all parts of the projects we install. Wet taps for services as well as taps for main tie ins up to 12โ€ diameter in PVC and DIP are completed in-house with our tapping equipment. Larger sizes we utilize a subcontractor to complete the tap with our crew assisting.

Electric Conduit
Directional Drilling
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