We are utility specialists

Natural Gas

RAW Construction, LLC has been installing natural gas lines since 2004. The owners of RAW, and many of our superintendents have 20+ years’ experience in the natural gas distribution and pipeline industry. If you have a Natural Gas project, we can build it for you, quickly, efficiently, and safely.


We have a wealth of experience to offer our customers. We staff our projects with experienced and well-trained employees. On average, we install more than 1,000,000 feet of gas pipeline, with approximately 4,000 services each year.


We utilize our own employees for all the work we do. We perform open trench, plowing, directional drilling, welding, tapping, stopping, fusing, and testing work throughout our company.  And we also supply them with all needed top quality equipment to complete the work.

Right people

Employing the right people, and owning the right equipment make us capable of succeeding in the completion of any pipeline or distribution project that comes our way. We are an equal opportunity employer and operate a drug and alcohol free work place. This is ensured by our DOT regulation approved drug and alcohol testing policy.

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