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Directional Drilling

RAW Construction, LLC has installed more than 2-million feet of pipe using in-house directional drilling capabilities since we started the business back in 2004. Our employees have years of experience in all types of drilling, from small, mini-rigs to larger rigs.

Equipment and Capabilities

We have Vermeer drill rigs in sizes D7x11 through D100x120 and vacuum rigs from 500 gallon to 2800 gallon capacity to enable us to contain and dispose of drilling mud from our job sites in an efficient and eco-friendly manner.

All tracking and locating for the drills is done with Digitrak F2, F5, Eclipse and Mark IV locators. Bore logs are kept to supply our customer with the as-built information they need. GPS can also be provided to supplement the as-builts.


We have performed drills up to 3,000 feet in length and installed pipe up to 20” in diameter. PVC, Bore-Guard, PE, Steel, Cert-a-loc, and Continuous conduit are all types of pipe that we are experienced with.

Our experience in fusion and welding enable us to work with large HDD contractors performing pipe side operations for sizes up through 42” steel and 36” PE pipe. We perform all our welding and do our fusing with in-house equipment up through 20” DIP size PE.


When working in congested areas or in high traffic situations, we always put safety first and have our MOT in place for the crew to work.

Electric Conduit
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