We are utility specialists

Electric Conduit

RAW Construction, LLC has many years of experience in placing conduit and duct bank for electric and communications. We follow safety guidelines on all trenched placements and sloping of the trench, shoring, and ladders. Single conduits, multiple duct banks, and joint trench work with natural gas lines are all common placements for our crews.


Supply and installation of large manholes and completing the work in a safe manner are done with our in-house crews. The crane work is generally rented or subcontracted out. Whether it’s setting transformer pad sites for new electric or replacing existing lines by drilling new conduits and placing them into existing transformers, our crews have experience in both types of work.

Respectful and Timely

Anytime we are working in established areas, keeping customers satisfied and finalizing the project with good timely clean up are two easy ways to make the project successful. Running conduit, assembling street lights and installing the lights can all be done by our crews.

Natural Gas
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